Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Walk @ Lunch

2.66986 mi

Viktor Mastoridis - The Journey, Vol.1: LONGING (World of Music Quadrology)
11:52:00 AM Burning Forest
11:56:00 AM The Light
12:01:00 PM Crying

Viktor Mastoridis -
The Journey, Vol.2: RESTLESS (World of Music Quadrology)
12:03:00 PM Green Landscape
12:06:00 PM Dawn
12:09:00 PM Biljana
12:13:00 PM Dreams in Colour
12:17:00 PM Why
12:21:00 PM Rush Hour
12:24:00 PM Tamboura Dance
12:27:00 PM Ah Your Eyes
12:33:00 PM I was made for Love
12:36:00 PM Spree
12:38:00 PM Aggressive
12:42:00 PM Prayer

Monday, April 28, 2008

Only Golden Fingers Could Play in Two Acts

I've begun the restructuring of Only Golden Fingers Could Play So Heavy into a two-act play, in the hopes that it will eventually get produced. So far, all I've done is to move the initial scenes of the original Act II (dealing with I's childhood) to the end of Act I. Then moving the whole of Act III to the end of the truncated Act II. This makes it more of an Act I (Childhood) and Act II (Adulthood). There are still a lot of dialogue changes and possible plot changes to incorporate, but at least it's a first step.

A Warm One

Warmer than recent day, i decided to start walking again at lunch. Today's walk was Total distance: 2.95979 mi
according to Google Maps. Part of the walk (the short loop) was with my co-worker Chris.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm on Twitter

I've finally succumbed to Twitter, though I don't know if anyone cares about me or my Tweets. So far, all I've tweeted is what podcast I'm listening to at the moment. In time, I'll probably drop that and maybe post things that are a bit more relevant. We'll see.

Friday, April 11, 2008

McDonald's Run

Haven't been to McDonald's for a while, so I went to the nearest one. Round trip walk is 4.19 miles. Had a Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese combo.

Tony Carey - The Boystown Tapes Reissued 2007
11:31:00 Long Way From Home (Alternate mix, remastered)
11:36:00 Only the Young (Alternate mix, remastered)
11:41:00 Boystown (Alternate mix, remastered)
11:45:00 Company I Keep (Alternate mix, remastered)
11:49:00 Matchgirl (There She Goes Mix) (Alternate mix, remastered)
11:53:00 When It's All Said and Done (Alternate mix, remastered)
11:58:00 Beautiful World (Alternate mix, remastered)
12:02:00 Fool's Gold (Jenny Lee) (Alternate mix, remastered)
12:06:00 Take You Out Tonight (Alternate mix, remastered)
12:13:00 Looking At the Moon (Alternate Mix, remastered)
12:18:00 Everything You've Got (Alternate mix, remastered)
12:22:00 Laugh At Me (Alternate mix, remastered)
12:26:00 I Don't Even Know Her Name (Alternate mix, remastered)
12:30:00 Mrs. Lincoln (Alternate mix, remastered)
12:36:00 Howl (Live, bonus track)
12:41:00 For You (Live, bonus track)

Jade Warrior - Breathing the Storm
12:45:00 Gaia
12:52:00 Breathing the Storm
12:59:00 Over Ice and Water
13:04:00 Gift of Wings