Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Capitol Loop

2.26002 mi


Calcutta - Unplugged
11/27/07 12:09 Backwards
11/27/07 12:13 Crimson Sky
11/27/07 12:17 Cliffs
11/27/07 12:21 Oxygen

Random iPod picks
11/27/07 12:28 Find a Friend Tom Wehrle When You Can't Wait for Tomorrow
11/27/07 12:32 Hard Times
Watermelon Slim & The Workers Independent Music Awards Winners 2007
11/27/07 12:36 Holiday Happy Elf Twelve churches
11/27/07 12:39 Twelve churches Happy Elf Twelve churches
11/27/07 12:42 Capitol Hill The Chavos The Billsburg Sessions
11/27/07 12:47 Thinkin' about you Sultans Power strikes back
11/27/07 12:51 Dumb It Down The New Duncan Imperials Sticky
11/27/07 12:53 What U Want (Single Version) Teenage Frames Original/artifacts
11/27/07 12:58 3 Years On Bryan Dunn Static & Scripture
11/27/07 13:02 Candy Girl Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers 7th Annual Blues For The Cure 2006 Volume 5

Monday, November 26, 2007

Walk @ Lunch

The destination today was the new walk along the Tower Bridge. A crossover to the West Sac Side, and then back again, though Old Sac along the docks, through the Amtrak station and a crisscross path back to the office. Somewhere around 2.5 miles.

Today's listening were several podcast episodes

11/26/07 11:55 The Song Of The Day Dot Com Beatnik Turtle's Song of the Day

11/26/07 11:59 Welcome To The Worldwide Virtual Stage Beatnik Turtle's Song of the Day
11/26/07 12:01 I Didn't Know She Was Into That Beatnik Turtle's Song of the Day
11/26/07 12:01 Monday November 26, 2007 : All You Need Are Hands Rocketboom (QuickTime)
11/26/07 12:11 SDRNews SDR2007-11-25 Slashdot Review - SDR News
11/26/07 12:12 26-Nov-07 The Old Farmer's Almanac Radio Report
11/26/07 12:14 60-Second Science: November 26, 2007 60-Second Science
11/26/07 12:17 vicious - podictionary 650 podictionary - a word, dictionary etymology & story daily
11/26/07 12:18 Neurotic Asshole Finds Success In New York City The Onion Radio News
11/26/07 12:23 Today In Music History: November 26, 2007 Today in Music History
11/26/07 12:35 Peer Pressure Hosting? - Episode 132 The Web Hosting Show
11/26/07 12:44 Mac OS Ken: 11.26.2007 Mac OS Ken
11/26/07 12:51 The NFL Network spat, Don Rickles TV Barn

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

To The Rescue

My Walk @ Lunch was short, just 1.73139 mi according to Google Maps. I only had a short time to be out, as I had a 1 PM meeting.

Along the route, on W St., I had the opportunity to help a woman trying to load a used recliner into her SUV. It fit, and I was on my way.

Today's playlist

Suzanne Ciani - The Velocity Of Love
  1. 11/18/07 12:28 PM Lay Down Beside Me
  2. 11/20/07 12:32 PM The Velocity Of Love
  3. 11/20/07 12:41 PM Malibuzios
  4. 11/20/07 12:51 PM History Of My Heart
Train Of Thought - Half Empty Independence (Sampler)
  1. 11/20/07 12:55 PM Tuesday
  2. 11/20/07 1:00 PM Crowbar

Only Golden Fingers

Here's the latest on Only Golden Finger Could Play So Heavy. On November 12, 2007, Act 3 was read by the Thistle Dew Workshop. From the original work, I move a couple of scenes from Act 2 into Act 3 to lengthen it, and restored the previously cut Todd Rundgren scene, at least for the reading. I read the part of "I" and Cece even read a small part as Rocky's Mother.

A fairly extensive critique session followed, with a lot of good comments. As I've always known, Act 3 is the weakest, and it was pointed out that there really isn't any drama within the Act. Some also pointed out that the character "I" was not despicable enough in Act 2, and perhaps that aspect should be strengthened. I got some very positive comments about the music as well. I turned over a copy of the play to Tom at the playhouse for their library.

As for the music, I may be working with my long-time friend Jeff to do a more professionally produced job on the music. Time will tell on that, but it was his suggestion to get together.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Walk @ Lunch

Another short one today, just over 2 miles.

On the iPod
  • Dragon Page Cover to Cover #286A podcast
  • 7th Son Book Three - Chapters 32&33

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Birthday Girl

Today is Cece's 51st birthday, so I went after lunch (lunch was my Toastmasters meeting) to pick up a couple of gift cards at Macy's and Bath and Body Works, plus a little something at Hallmark. Normally, I don't walk @ lunch on Thursday because of my noontime meeting, but today had to be an exception. Basically, down to the mall and back, so it was only a little over a mile.

Tonight, we're going to Jalisco's in Roseville for dinner, then on to Thunder Valley for a bit of gaming, and we will be hitting the Starbucks there as well. It wouldn't be Thursday, if we didn't hit Starbucks.
The short playlist:

Raphael Music To Disappear In II
  1. 11/8/07 1:12 PM Tantra
  2. 11/8/07 1:22 PM Heaven
Kitaro Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai - Volume 2
  1. 11/8/07 1:30 PM Shining Spirit of Water
  2. 11/8/07 1:35 PM As The Wind Blows
  3. 11/8/07 1:40 PM Koki

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Walk @ Lunch

2.77758 miles.

Interesting Discoveries:
Peets Coffee going in at 20th and J, along with some other businesses

Today's set list

Absent Sound - Music to Live and Die to (AmieStreet)
  1. 11/6/07 12:00 I Left, but the Birds Stayed Singing
  2. 11/6/07 12:06 Belly Dances
  3. 11/6/07 12:19 De/Recomposition
Zenitabove - Only for The Open Minded (AmieStreet)
  1. 11/6/07 12:24 Don't Touch
Federico Aubele - Panamericana (Starbucks/iTunes)
  1. 11/6/07 12:28 Maria Jose
The Hungry Hungry Hypocrites - Rock, Roll, Fire, and Magic (AmieStreet)
  1. 11/6/07 12:32 Come On
  2. 11/6/07 12:36 My Hamster Had Rigor Mortis
  3. 11/6/07 12:40 Friend
  4. 11/6/07 12:42 At the Top of My Lungs
  5. 11/6/07 12:46 Undertow
  6. 11/6/07 12:48 Entre Dientes

Monday, November 5, 2007

Golden Fingers Update

Tonight, the Thistle Dew players will read Act 2 of my play. As I've been thinking about it this past week, I've come to the conclusion that Act 2 is too long, so I shifted some of the end of Act 2 into Act 3, which was way too short. Act 2 focuses on the Rise and Fall of I and then went into the rise again. By deferring the second coming of I into Act 3, I think it makes it a bit better. I also canned the Todd Rundgren scene, which is so out of context with everything else.

The dialog is still pretty stupid in places, but I'm not yet ready to make those changes.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Walk @ Lunch

Today's route took me to Old Sac and back via the Waterfront. But not before a stop at Macy's to see the infamous iPod vending machine that my brother-in-law told me about yesterday. There it is, accessories and iPods, altogether and controlled by a touch screen purchasing agent. I didn't buy or try, but it's pretty cool.

Only saw a few turtles by the river. I think I counted 5 in a couple of locations.

Total Distance: 2.05 Miles

Today's set list:

Michael McDaniel Roper Xarklaton
  1. 11/2/07 11:46 Quatorze Majecticum PLENUM
  2. 11/2/07 11:50 Peace Thud
  3. 11/2/07 11:59 Sly One
  4. 11/2/07 12:09 Unduvulox
Jonathan Coulton Thing a Week Two
  1. 11/2/07 12:12 Flickr
  2. 11/2/07 12:14 Resolutions
  3. 11/2/07 12:18 You Could Be Her
  4. 11/2/07 12:21 I Will
  5. 11/2/07 12:24 Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance
  6. 11/2/07 12:28 So Far So Good
  7. 11/2/07 12:31 Curl
  8. 11/2/07 12:34 Chiron Beta Prime
  9. 11/2/07 12:37 Take Care Of Me
  10. 11/2/07 12:40 A Talk With George
  11. 11/2/07 12:43 Don't Talk To Strangers
  12. 11/2/07 12:46 Stroller Town

Coverville Todd Rundgren Cover Story

Brian Ibbott at Coverville took my suggestion and created a TR Cover Story episode for his November 1st show. I provided a few suggestions and he mentioned me a couple of times during the show. If you're not listening to Coverville, you're really missing a treat.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


A fairly successful Hallowe'en this year, even if things were a bit different.
  • Trick or Treaters were much later because DST is still in effect. The first came shortly before 7 PM, and the last just before 9 PM
  • I carved the pumpkin about 4:45. Brad carved his earlier in the morning before he went to work
  • Brad wanted some Hallowe'en music to play at his work party, so I had to run down to the restaurant to get it to him, so I missed the first few Trick or Treaters
  • Cece handled most of the candy, but didn't get 100% accurate count. Even so, we figure we had over 100, up from previous years
  • The house had lights up and the two pumpkins were lit. I had my traditional music playing from the iPod into the boom box and out the window. Didn't put up much else in the way of decorations outside.